CYCLADES | Silk Pocket square


Pocket square made of 100% natural Greek Silk Twill with hand-rolled hemming. The color palette of antiquity enlivens the silky texture of the fabric, while the design reflects a not-so-well-known pattern of Greek culture. The pocket square is printed in a limited edition and is offered in a handmade storage box.
Designed by the illustrator Emmanouela Kakavia.
Size 45 x 45 cm.
Made in Greece (Soufli).
Dry clean only.


The design has as its source of inspiration:

Cycladic art, Early Cycladic period 3200-2000 BC. Aegean

The frying pan vessels are characteristic finds from the Early Cycladic graves. The vast growth of shipping and the economic and cultural significance of the Cycladic nautical expansion in the Aegean Sea is reflected on the frying pans with engraved big ships including oars, accompanying the dead. Their use is probably ritual, but could be also practical (they filled them with water and used them as mirrors).