This luxurious scarf is crafted from 100% natural Greek Silk Twill and features hand-rolled hemming for a refined finish. The rich color palette of antiquity enlivens the silky texture of the fabric, while the intricate design pays homage to a lesser-known pattern from Greek culture. Printed in a limited edition and offered in a handmade storage box
Designed by the illustrator Emmanouela Kakavia.
Size 90 x 90 cm.
Made in Greece (Soufli).
Dry clean only.


The design has as its source of inspiration:

Phoenix (Vases of Dipylos, Attica 8th BC)

In Athens near Kerameikos, in the cemetery of Dipylos at the half of the 8th c. BC, a series of tombs with the common special feature of an oversized vase as a burial mark has appeared. These are burial vessels in the shape of useful utensils of the time, amphorae for women and craters for men. These burial signs bear symbolic forms of animals and people, narrating the recent but also the mythical past. These narrations are mainly related to the burial customs (the laying out of the dead body and the ritual procession to the place of the burial). Flying rosettes, butterflies and birds accompany the dead on their way to the underworld, sometimes in an obvious guiding role.